Neutral and Regenerative Livestock

who we are

The Mineiro project, called Neutral Livestock, is being conducted by three producers: Leonardo de Oliveira Resende, Farm owner Triqueda in Coronel Pacheco, in the Zona da Mata region; Elesier Lima Gonçalves, the Royal Treasury, in Juiz de Fora (both producers of calves) and Bruno Junqueira de Andrade, the Ecofarms company, owner of Farm Injun, Silver, in the Triangulo Mineiro, responsible for the fattening of animals and placing the mark GranBeef premium meat in the market.


Encourage sustainable development and environmental conservation through new production models capable of generating additional value to products sustainably.


Provide harmony between the demands of man and nature, environmental conservation, respect for animals, excellence and focus on results.


Being a reference in sustainability.

Strategic partnerships

In order to maximize the synergy of action and that the expansion of this type of initiative occurs more dynamically, the Neutral Livestock Project saw the need to carry out strategic partnerships with companies, institutions, committees or associations that operate in the context of sustainable development. They are:


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