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Neutral and Regenerative Livestock

The Neutral Livestock Project

The Neutral Livestock Project aims to make the livestock chain more sustainable through projects that seek a better balance between the needs of man and the environment.

The guiding principle of the project is that man and cattle can act as elements for the revitalization of ecosystems, a practice that has been called regenerative management of livestock.

In this context the project developed a platform capable of increasing productivity per hectare, the profit of the farm and generate more than 20 environmental services for beef and dairy farming. Among the environmental services, we highlight the greater efficiency of the water cycle, the nutrient cycle, the energy balance, the dynamics of the ecological communities, soil carbon fixation, .

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Neutral Meat and Neutral Milk

In a modern world where every day more consumers want to know where food come from and how it is produced that will be consumed, the two seals of the Neutral Livestock Project have aligned to this, showing the market that it is possible to produce meat and milk with conservation of the environment.


The certification stamp show that all enteric methane produced by the animals was neutralized.


Thus, the products that obtain the Neutral Meat Seal or the Neutral Milk seal provide its contribution to reducing climate change by neutralizing the emission of greenhouse gases in their supply chains.


In addition, it practices animal welfare and conservation of biodiversity by maintaining large areas of forest reserve.

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