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Neutral and Regenerative Livestock

Silvopastoral System Financial Evaluation

The high profitability of the Silvopastoral System is directly linked to livestock production and wood in the same space at the same time.


The integration of livestock with renewable forests, provides the optimization of fixed cost that was previously used only for the production of livestock and is replaced by another product to dilute it and thus leveraging the financial results of the business.


The introduction of trees into the system, by itself, is able to provide a net profit increase of R$ 1,100 to more than         R$ 3,000 / ha / year.

If only considers the result of livestock and trees, the profit range is between R $ 2,000 and R$ 5,000 / ha / year.


The number of trees per hectare can vary, with the best financial results being observed between 100 and 250 trees per hectare, destined for the sawmill market, as shown below.

In the next table, the incremental rate of return was used, that is, the additional remuneration exclusively of the forest component of the system, without taking into account the opportunity cost of the land, as shown below:

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