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Neutral and Regenerative Livestock

Advisory and Lectures

With knowledge that combines Business Management and Sustainable Development the Neutral Livestock Project a competent multidisciplinary team of consultants and lecturers were brought together to provide support for those who want to act on developments in this context.


A new generation of farmers seek to differentiate themselves in the market through a more adjusted agriculture and livestock from an environmental point of view.

It is worth noting that Brazil is one of the rare countries in the world where the economy is more competitive in the climate change scenario, since it can create more competitive products and services than other countries in the Low Carbon Economy, than the current model.

Areas of consulting practice



Management of commercial forest plantations; livestock integration & forests and sustainable beef cattle


  • Integration between animals and trees

  • Neutral Livestock in Methane

  • Low Environmental Impact Livestock

  • Short cycle of beef cattle

  • Livestock management and grazing

  • Premium markets of beef cattle (Wagyu genetics, Angus and Brangus)

  • Implementation and conduct of commercial forest plantations of

  • Forest nutrition

  • Control of pests and diseases

  • Inventory Planning

  • Harvest logistics and timber transport

  • Multiple use of wood (renewable energy, treated wood, construction, sawmill, furniture, ...)

  • Industrialization and wood processing

  • Organization of the production chain


Environmental projects

  • Sustainable development

  • Biodiversity Conservation

  • Renewable energy

  • Waste Management

  • Reverse logistic

  • Techniques for increasing the production of water in the springs

  • Restoration of degraded areas

  • Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Carbon Tracks

  • Mitigation Techniques of Greenhouse Gases

  • Neutralization of Greenhouse Gases

  • Neutral Livestock in Methane

  • Low Environmental Impact Livestock

  • Certification of forest products

  • Environmental Certifications

Business consulting

  • Business Plans

  • Market research

  • Projects

  • Planning

  • SWOT analysis (opportunities and threats)

  • Financial analysis (feasibility, cost composition, IRR, NPV, payback, scenario analysis)

  • Marketing

  • Controls and audits



  • Promotion and organization of the Environmental Forum and Forest of Juiz de Fora

  • Field Achievement Days, workshops, forums and seminars

  • Lectures on topics related consulting

  • Neutralization


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